What You Need To Know About The 2015 Midnight Marathon

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What is the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride?

The ride is an annual Boston tradition where over 1,000 people bike the same route as the Boston Marathon in the early dark hours of Marathon Monday. During this time the roads are still open to vehicular traffic… and bicycles are vehicles! The ride is not a race nor is it a paid event; it is however a unique shared experience, a fun way to meet people, and a decent workout.

Due to the organic and non-commercial nature of the ride, there is no official support crew during the actual bike ride, which means you are responsible for your own safety throughout the ride; with that said, due to the pro-community nature of the ride, it is usually very easy to get help.

What are the absolute essentials to know?

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Dear Midnight Marathon Riders,

Dear Midnight Marathon Riders,

About a year ago I published an open letter to you about how the MBTA wasn't returning our e-mails, how I was asked by the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A) to cancel the 2014 ride, and how it was called an "accident waiting to happen" by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Association (MEMA).

But I also wrote about how there was overwhelming community support for the ride to continue.

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2015 Boston No Pants Subway Ride, Walk, & Party

Kudos to the hundreds of brave Bostonians who soldiered pantless through windy, sub-freezing temperatures last Sunday. This video is for them.

January the 11th marked the 8th anniversary of the No Pants tradition in Boston, which has grown to include walks through famous landmarks and a no-pants no-cover afterparty. This year we returned to the fantastic sports bar,McGreevy's, where pantless staff served drinks and hot food to hundreds of pantless partiers.

Photos of their daring actions can be found in coverage by Boston Magazine, BDCwire, and Boston.com. Of course you'll also find tons of photos on the Facebook Event Page and in our official photo album.

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No Pants Boston 2015 Instructions

This Sunday: The Ride. The Walk. The Party. Not the pants.

All the details are in the video- date, time, location, what to bring, and how the ride works. Don't worry if it seems complicated at first- your Route Card will tell you everything you need to do and in what order e.g. "Get on Blue Line Outbound" and then "Rob a bank".

Tell us you're coming & invite friends

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No Pants Subway Ride Boston 2015

Sunday the 11th heralds the return of not wearing pants. In public. In winter. For no reason.

ALL DETAILS for participating in Boston's 8th annual No Pants Subway Ride (including meetup location) will be available the Friday before the event and announced over email. Subscribe for updates if you're not on our list.

The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002. Learn about the history of the event here: http://improveverywhere.com/missions/the-no-pants-subway-ride/


1st Class Subway & Black Tie Beach 8/17

Black Tie Beach 2012

It's our annual summer twoffer! Convert a car on the subway into a first class experience, then play and relax at the beach dressed to the nines. It's ok if the outfits aren't in good condition or don't fit great- just no gag outfits/costumes.

Meet at Cardinal Cushing Park at noon and look for any people holding a black umbrella. Bring whatever you would normally bring to the beach, such as a towel, a change of clothes, a book, a frisbee, sandcastle stuff... and a bag to hide all that in.

We will provide a number of props for the first class subway portion, but if you have white gloves or white rags, please bring those as well. If you can play a string or woodwind instrument, please get in touch by replying to this email.

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Black Tie Beach is the brainchild of Improv Everywhere. Check out their official announcement.

Photos of First Class Subway

Photos from last year's Black Tie Beach


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