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No Pants: Jan 13th 2013 Instructions


You can RSVP on this site under the Events tab. Please mark yourself as attending to ensure you receive all communications regarding the event.

Legality & Safety

This is NOT illegal. Regular underwear does not constitute indecent exposure. This event is taking place in cities all over the world and has been for years, even in Boston. There may be a minor MBTA police presence there, as there has been every year. The MBTA and MBTA-Police have been supportive of this annual "happening". The police are there in part for your protection.

If a stranger harasses you (unlikely as the ride is choreographed so that you are always with a group), do not hesitate to notify an officer immediately and move (with your assigned buddy) to another train car. Stay with your group; riding around town in your underwear by yourself (especially if you're female) isn't the safest thing to do.

That said, if you expose "certain parts" of your body (even removing your shirt), or wear a thong, or something somewhat see-through... the police won't be on your side anymore and neither will we. Have fun, but be safe and respectful. If you want to wear something naughty... wait till you get back home.

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Spooky Silent Disco & Pub Crawl- 2012

Boston Halloween Pub Crawl

Throw on a costume (or even just a crazy wig- just come), grab your MP3 player and headphones, and meet up for a spooktacularly silent dance party. It's just you and your favorite tracks on your MP3 player... surrounded by dozens of others with their own favorite tracks.

Join and exit the pub crawl at any time;
silent dance party at 6pm SHARP!

Pub Crawl starts at 4:30pm at Charlie's Kitchen followed by Shays at 5:15pm.

Silent Disco starts at 6:00pm at Winthrop Square.

6:45 Russell House, 7:30 Grendels Den, 8:15 Tommy Doyles (basement), 9:00 Pizzeria Unos (basement), 9:45 John Harvard's Brewery.

Co-hosted with Duncan and Lauren of's Social Fun group. Don't forget to bring cash if you're doing the pub crawl!

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Black Tie Beach 2012


Does anyone else feel like Revere Beach could use a little more class? Thankfully we have an easy solution courtesy of Improv Everywhere. Join BostonSOS on Saturday at 2pm at America's oldest public beach, wearing your best. We'll be getting to the beach via the Revere Beach stop on the Blue Line, so look for us on the part of the beach closer to that spot. Get all the details here and RSVP on our site and/or on Facebook.

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Deck the T With Laughs

boston-t-sign-christmas-hacked"The best thing to happen to [the MBTA] this year" is how one writer described a hilarious prank on the T this Christmas. Obviously they didn't hear about the No Pants Subway Ride, but I digress.

Those who have ridden the Boston subway system (known as "The T") are familiar with the overhanging signs and accompanying Text-To-Speech (TTS) voice overs. Normally they do nothing but announce the next train is just about to arrive (an eternity before it actually does) or some standard service announcement. Their TTS system is a lot better than what you have on your computer or smart phone- but sounding more human actually just makes it more awkward as the flaws stand out even more. The intonation and prosody are all wrong. People don't talk like that; people don't talk like robots!

The MBTA has had a rough year- both for commuters and the organization. Thankfully an employee opted to bring a bit of joy to the stark underground platforms by "hacking" the sign to "sing" a classic Christmas tune- using the awkwardness of the monotonous announcer as a catalyst for laughter and energy. Check out the video below for a good laugh.

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The Return of T Charades... and more!

charadesIt's that time of year again: your favorite subsurface event... time to hop on the T and create a spectacle that leaves people scratching their heads, yet at the same time gets them to smile.

What?!  No, not the No-Pants Subway Ride... that's in January, silly.  This is T Platform Charades... the classic party game brought by us BostonSOSers to the subterranean depths of the Boston subway!  And yes, you get to keep your pants on (actually, please do...). 

If you haven't participated in T Platform Charades in the past, the premise is pretty simple: we pretend we don't know each other, and start playing a seemingly "impromptu" game of charades with a team of other BSOSers across on the other platform.  You might be surprised how many random passengers and passersby start joining in and trying to guess.  If it sounds simple, that's because it is!  But the smiles you'll help bring to your fellow Bostonians will make it worth it.

Oh, and we're not stopping there.  Join us for Charades, and if you stick around afterward, you can join in on an all-new, never-been-done-by-BostonSOS, ultra-secret, ultra-awesome event

The skinny:

  • Sunday, October 23, 1:00 pm
  • Meet on Boston Common, Soldiers and Sailors Monument (top of the hill near Frog Pond)




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