Dance Walking Fitness 2013



It's kind of like power walking... except you're dancing... to music only you can hear. Join us for some crazy tomorrow morning before the weekend weather turns sour.

 All ages, body sizes, and tacky workout-clothes welcome. Bring plenty of water; camelbacks are ideal, but a couple bottles in a backpack/bag will work just fine too. Eat a healthy breakfast at least 30 minutes before arriving. And of course, most importantly, set up a dance playlist on your MP3 player and make sure it's fully charged.


The to do list:

  1. Reply to this email to let me know you're coming.
  2. Learn the history of Dance Walking Fitness in the video above.
  3. Watch the related Prancercise video. (warning: can't be unseen)
  4. Check out photos from previous Dance Walking Fitness meetups.
  5. Say you're going on Facebook to freak out your friends.
  6. Meet at the A marker on this map.