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No Pants: Jan 13th 2013 Instructions


You can RSVP on this site under the Events tab. Please mark yourself as attending to ensure you receive all communications regarding the event.

Legality & Safety

This is NOT illegal. Regular underwear does not constitute indecent exposure. This event is taking place in cities all over the world and has been for years, even in Boston. There may be a minor MBTA police presence there, as there has been every year. The MBTA and MBTA-Police have been supportive of this annual "happening". The police are there in part for your protection.

If a stranger harasses you (unlikely as the ride is choreographed so that you are always with a group), do not hesitate to notify an officer immediately and move (with your assigned buddy) to another train car. Stay with your group; riding around town in your underwear by yourself (especially if you're female) isn't the safest thing to do.

That said, if you expose "certain parts" of your body (even removing your shirt), or wear a thong, or something somewhat see-through... the police won't be on your side anymore and neither will we. Have fun, but be safe and respectful. If you want to wear something naughty... wait till you get back home.

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Dance Walking Fitness


This past summer, a strange craze swept cities around the world, all started by a strange video with dancing on YouTube. OK, TWO strange crazes if you count Gangnam Style, but I'm specifically referring to Dance Walking Fitness.

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Adventures in Eating


I’ll admit it- although sometimes I feel sorry for picky eaters (because of all they’re missing out on), when their lack of adventure inconveniences me, I do get frustrated.

I’m not talking about people with allergies, lactose issues, or spiritual objections to certain kinds of foods or their preparation. I’m talking about people who are afraid to try something because of the possibility it won’t taste good.

It seems crazy that there are people who refuse to try something new because of the possibility of a temporary unpleasant taste.


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2012 Boston Midnight Marathon Recap


Every year hundreds of people push themselves and public transporation to the limits by taking the last train out of the city the night before the Boston Marathon, then biking the entire route back in.

It's approximately 30 miles from the train station back to Boston, taking anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on your athletiscism... and whether or not you used a road bike, hybrid, or mountain bike (hint: use a road bike!!!). This year a record-breaking 750 people participated in the annual tradition.


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New Site (kinda)

We've cleaned up the graphics, replaced the underlying framework, and are making lots of little changes to make everything a little faster and easier to use. Gone are the Facebook-clone features and Interropoints system. Instead we have auto-login, improved Facebook integration, and quicker Events registration. Just a reminder- we do not sell your information to anybody!!!


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