Winter Ocean Plunge: Recap

polar plunge

One of BostonSOS' earliest spectacles was a surreal "beach celebration" on the subway back in 2008, when dozens of us dressed up in hula skirts, cabanawear and sunscreen, then rode the Blue Line to the North Shore beaches in the middle of March. We slathered on sunscreen, handed out leis, held limbo competitions, basked in the "sun," and otherwise ignored the fact that it was winter in New England...and that we were, umm, yeah, on the subway.

Fast forward to February 2011 - almost exactly three years later - and there we were again: in bathing suits and sunglasses, riding a Wonderland-bound train on a frigid winter morning, towels in hand and visions of the beach in our heads. Only this time, winter hats replaced sunscreen; scarves replaced leis; and on this biting, 37-degree winter day, we were actually going swimming in the freakin' Atlantic Ocean.

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Celebrity for a Night- David Mansfield

On Friday night, October the 24th, 2008 about 20 of us convened at 9:00PM on the common for a fun little experiment. Dressed for a classy night on the town we made our way to Felt; a 3 story martini bar/pool hall/nightclub in central Boston.


First, improverats Rachel and Cara went in to scout out for our "leading man".

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