James Cobalt



Name: James Cobalt

Position: Executive Director, Video Editor, Web Design

First Event: Frozen Food @ Quincy Market (February '08)

Favorite Event: Protesting Protesting (April '08)

Favorite PC Mascot: Coconut Monkey

"I feel very relieved to find there are so many people out there that can cut loose and be a little silly for nothing more than the sake of silliness."

Emily Dean



Name: Emily Dean

Position: Board Chairperson, Database Administration

First Event: Riding the T is a Beach (March '08)

Favorite Event: Beach and MP3-EXP 08

Favorite Band: The Beatles
Favorite Film: The Big Lebowski

"BostonSOS is a forum in which to socialize with a sensational group of people who are all interested in fun ways to make the world a better place."

Peter Lorensian



Name: Peter Lorensian

Position: Treasurer

First Event: Protesting Protesting (April '08)

Favorite Event: MP3-EXP 08

Favorite Book: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
Favorite Pasttime: Performing with the Sayat Nova Dance Company

(Raising my hand during the meeting) "Um, excuse me Ms. Chair Board Person sir..."

Cara Terez



Name: Cara Terez

Position: Director, Graphic Design

First Event: Tag (August '08)

Favorite Event: Subway Charades (October '09)

Favorite Ant: Eleph-ant

" ...Well that was an awkward ellipses"

Ramy Abdelghani


Name: Ramy Abdelghani

Position: Board Director

First Event: MP3-EXP (October '08)

Favorite Event: Celebrity For A Night (October '08)

Favorite Household Item: Dimmer Switch


Nick Carlisle



Name: Nick Carlisle

Position: Board Director, Urban Canvas Officer, Videographer

First Event: Riding the T is a Beach (March '08)

Favorite Event: Charades on the T

Favorite Person: James Cobalt; what a guy!

"James is the most awesome person ever. Also he didn't write this for me."

Kimberly Hula

kim hula


Name: Kimberly Hula

Position: Professional Blogger (Adventure Blog)

First Adventure: Polar Bear Plunge

Favorite Adventure: Hair Salon Heist

Favorite Pastime: Wine and Cheese Miniature Modeling

"I'll try anything three times."

Jenny Bergman



Name: Jenny Bergman

Position: Writer, Token Blonde

First Event: No Pants on the T 2010

Favorite Event: Flash Mob Anniversary (a.k.a. " The Love Rug")

Busy doing: Living affirmatively

"Hi, my name is Jenny and I like to use my own foot for target practice."

Salem Ghoweri



Name: Salem Ghoweri

Position: Writer

First Event: Silly Walks (Spring 2010)

Favorite Event: Protesting Protesting (April '08)

Favorite Phobia: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (Fear of Long Words)

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."