Midnight Marathon 2014 FAQ

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What is the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride?

The ride is an annual Boston tradition where over 1,000 people bike the same route as the Boston Marathon the night before Marathon Monday. The roads are not closed off but open to vehicle traffic (and bicycles are vehicles!) - The ride is not a race nor is it a paid event; it is however a pretty unique community experience, a fun way to meet people, and a decent workout.

Due to the organic and non-commercial nature of the ride, there is no official support crew during the actual bike ride; that said, due to the community nature of the ride, it is usually very easy to get help.

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Open Letter from Midnight Marathon Originator

Dear Midnight Marathon Riders,

Now is a good time to fill you in on what's going on with the Midnight Marathon bike ride this year (it's still happening, but after months of questions and back and forth). But first, a few words about last year, the most successful Midnight Marathon bike ride to date...

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No Train For 6th Annual Midnight Bike Ride

Six years ago a Boston student unwittingly started one of the region’s most popular traditions amongst cyclists. With no leader, no registration, and no fees, Greg Hum instigated the annual Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride. This year the tradition hits a snag as the Boston Athletic Association and Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency ask riders not to participate, calling it "a public safety issue."

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