2011 Boston Midnight Marathon Ride Recap


It seems like only yesterday during that fateful BU Bikes meeting where I proposed an idea for a bike ride after hearing someone mention some friends who were running the marathon route the night before:

Hey guys, wouldn’t it be awesome if we rode bikes along the Boston Marathon route the night before? At midnight?

And thus, the Boston Marathon Midnight Bike Ride was born. It started innocently enough the first year. From a simple Facebook event, word spread fast, and about 50 friends and strangers gathered at South Station to take the commuter rail out to the starting line of the Marathon route and ride bikes back into Boston. Then the next year, 70 people showed up. Somehow we all managed to cram 70 people and bikes onto the commuter rail cars.

Read on to see how many bikes we could fit on the train for the 3rd annual ride! 

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2011 Boston Midnight Marathon Ride Details


Before participating, read through this COMPLETELY!

Not tough enough to run a 26 mile marathon, but awesome enough to bike it the night before? Then join the Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride, instigated by Greg Hum and BostonSOS! This ride is 'show and go'; no "leaders", just come and ride the route with each other!

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Get Your Ride On!

May 14-20 is Bike Week in Massachusetts!  See what's going on and how you can participate...  In the meatime, I thought I'd re-share some of my favorite rides that might help you prepare, get in shape, and get your mind in bike mode. This is, of course, just a starting point...it's all about the adventure, so use this to get started, then blaze your own trail!

click here for link to detailed route map on Google

Bike Routes

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