Adventures in Eating


I’ll admit it- although sometimes I feel sorry for picky eaters (because of all they’re missing out on), when their lack of adventure inconveniences me, I do get frustrated.

I’m not talking about people with allergies, lactose issues, or spiritual objections to certain kinds of foods or their preparation. I’m talking about people who are afraid to try something because of the possibility it won’t taste good.

It seems crazy that there are people who refuse to try something new because of the possibility of a temporary unpleasant taste.


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I took off my pants because I was shy

People often ask me how and why I got started in this whole flash mob nonsense... especially people who've known me for a long time. You see, I used to be incredibly shy; almost agoraphobic even. So how is it I ended up hosting dozens upon dozens of public performances, many sans pants? It was kind of an accident. I wasn't planning on it; I was roped into filling in for someone else at a No Pants Subway Ride (in another city) last moment.

Shy-Bald-BoyI agreed because I realized my shyness was out of control and I needed to do something drastic to stop it, and fast. I needed to rip the bandaid off. Well, really, taking off my pants in public wasn't simply ripping off a bandaid; it was more like ripping off 20 feet of duct tape wrapped around my hairy leg.

Ironically, at the same time I was scheduled to lead throngs of people in depantsing I had also already scheduled a date. I didn't change my plans or let my date know; I figured the surprise would weed out anyone too prudish or boring. That's who I was, and I didn't want to be that. If I wanted to date myself I'd get a big mirror and a faster internet connection

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Dash for a Difference!

Looking for an adventure that is not only challenging, spontaneous, and fun -- but also one that helps other peopleBoston Cares has an exciting day for you!

Dash for a DifferenceOn Saturday, April 28, join hundreds of other Bostonians in the Dash for a Difference, a "race through Boston neighborhoods on a quest to help others, learn about our city, and raise funds for Boston Cares."

You'll get a chance to engage in a series of quick, short-term volunteer opportunities, while at the same time exploring Greater Boston and solving puzzles along the way. Think of it as a scavenger hunt that helps others at the same time. 

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Polar Bear Plunge- January 1st

Have you ever taken a very cold shower early in the morning in order to start your day on the fast track? Do for the new year what a cold shower does for your day by jumping into the frigid waters of Carson Beach on January 1st.


It's truly a Boston tradition; the L Street Brownies have been organizing the annual plunge for over 100 years. If you're a wimp and just want to watch, be there before 8am. If you've got the adventurous spirit to participate, be at the L Street bathhouse (in the Curley Community Center) at 6:30am for registration.

Anxious? Find out what it's like (with chill-inducing photos) from two BostonSOS contributors:

Nick Carlisle's experience at Revere Beach's polar bear plunge
Jenny Bergman's experience at the Monument Beach plunge


Zip Lines & Heights


Editor's Note For a zip line adventure closer to Boston, check out zip lines in New Hampshire and zip lines in Massachusetts.

The Adventure Blog featured an article on “having an adventure by having no choice”, which is something I've tried to believe in for years. It's not always easy; a number of years ago, I would panic every time I traveled anywhere, even if the end destination was someplace cool. And when I say panic, I mean panic: tears, shakes, complete meltdown. Many people would argue that if you are that frightened to do something, just don't do it; it's supposed to be fun, right?

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Shakespeare on the Common 2011

We LOVE when Arts + Free come together. This week you can catch a free performance of All's Well That Ends Well under the stars at the Boston Common bandstand. The performance marks the 16th season of Shakespeare on the Common. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday-Saturday: 8:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 PM

Matinee: Sunday, July 30th, 2pm
ASL performance: Saturday, August 13th, 8pm
Sunday July 30th: 2pm Matinee



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