Public Puzzling!

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Something to keep an eye out for when you're over by the Prudential Center to break a world record...

Jigsaw puzzles.  Perfect for mulling over on a rainy day, maybe by the warmth of a crackling fire.  Maybe with a friend or two.  Or maybe at one of the city's busiest subway stops with dozens of strangers.

Wait, what? 

That's right! Piece on Earth is a local organization with a mission:

"Puzzles are both cross-cultural and cross-generational and thus, can serve as a way to bring people together, stimulate conversation, and foster mutual respect between people of all backgrounds and ages. The goodwill that arises out of the unique experience of doing a puzzle with strangers reminds us that we are all, really, just pieces in one giant puzzle."

Setting up (free!) impromptu puzzle sessions, they invite anyone and everyone to come together and join in on the fun. Meet new people, take a break from the hubbub, and put your heads together to put these puzzles together!

This Saturday, December 4th, Piece on Earth will set up outside the Prudential Center on the Boylston Plaza, wearing their Holiday Best and waiting for you to join in on the puzzly fun. In the spirit of the season, they'll also be accepting donations for the Boston Food Bank, so stop on by if you want to help a good cause, or if you just want to dust the old cobwebs out of your noggin and help put the pieces all together. Oh, and of course your own creative holiday garb is encouraged!

For more details on Piece on Earth, please visit their website.

T: Green Line to Copley, Hynes, or Prudential

Adventures in Hairstyling

adventures in hair styling

I always took issue with the thrown-around phrase, "Beauty is pain."  What a silly, dangerous precedent to set!  However, I think it brilliant to revise and align one's self to a more accessible mantra: "Beauty is free". But how is this achieved? 

Should you find yourself feeling adventurous and willing to allow someone else reign of your make up; then you are in luck. It is always good to take routine, no matter how "harried" and turn it into something new. This adventure had me hair model (read: test subject)...  blindly...  in salons I had no relationship with and no informed opinion of. See the rest after the break:

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Lost River

Claustrophobic? Afraid of dimly lit caves with multi-ton boulders lurking overhead, inches away from your skull? If so, then the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves is a perfect fit! [Editor's Note: "for you to get over that fear... fast"]

Lemon Squeeze


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Othello on the Common- Free!


We LOVE free. This weekend you can catch a free performance of Othello under the stars on the Boston Common.

Othello will play from July 28 to August 15 2010 except Mondays. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday-Saturday: 8:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 PM
Sunday (August 8th): 2pm Matinee 

It stars Seth Gilliam as Othello, whom some of you may remember from HBO's Oz and The Wire.

View CSC Othello in a larger map

Blogger Jenny on Callie Crossley show: Monday 1PM

Adventure blogger Jenny Bergman will be on the Callie Crossley show this Monday at 1pm. You can listen live on WGBH (89.7 FM), or check back later to download the recording or subscribe to the podcast. Here's an excerpt about the show, which is produced right here in Boston every Monday through Friday:

crossley_callie_140x75Hosted by award-winning journalist Callie Crossley, The Callie Crossley Show offers a daily discussion of current events, local happenings, arts and culture, and water cooler buzz. From the boardroom to the bus stop, Crossley examines stories of interests from Boston and New England. In turn, she invites the community to weigh in, providing a forum for listeners to tap into the talk of your town.



2009 was The Year of Doing Things That Scare Me, and I certainly did plenty of scary things. I spent the year running through an evolving and unordered list of challenges that helped me confront and conquer a lot of fear that I've held on to for much too long.

I started a daily photo project. I didn't finish it, but that's ok because I got what I needed out of the exercise.

I took bellydancing lessons, which helped me love my curves.

I also started exploring some other aspects of my personality:

different sides of myself

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