Polar Bear Plunge- January 1st

Have you ever taken a very cold shower early in the morning in order to start your day on the fast track? Do for the new year what a cold shower does for your day by jumping into the frigid waters of Carson Beach on January 1st.


It's truly a Boston tradition; the L Street Brownies have been organizing the annual plunge for over 100 years. If you're a wimp and just want to watch, be there before 8am. If you've got the adventurous spirit to participate, be at the L Street bathhouse (in the Curley Community Center) at 6:30am for registration.

Anxious? Find out what it's like (with chill-inducing photos) from two BostonSOS contributors:

Nick Carlisle's experience at Revere Beach's polar bear plunge
Jenny Bergman's experience at the Monument Beach plunge