Adventures in Eating


I’ll admit it- although sometimes I feel sorry for picky eaters (because of all they’re missing out on), when their lack of adventure inconveniences me, I do get frustrated.

I’m not talking about people with allergies, lactose issues, or spiritual objections to certain kinds of foods or their preparation. I’m talking about people who are afraid to try something because of the possibility it won’t taste good.

It seems crazy that there are people who refuse to try something new because of the possibility of a temporary unpleasant taste.


Perhaps I'm being too harsh. At one time I was a picky eater too. The only reason I got over it was about 5 years ago I was sent to work overseas on a river boat in France for a week. Unlike other trips where I'd pick a place to eat and order off a menu, here I ate whatever the chef made, which was whatever he bought at the local market earlier that morning.


That meant 3 adventures every single day. While I didn't like every thing and 90% of the dishes were unrecognizable to me, the vast majority of them were delicious and about a third of them blew my mind. Now that I've eaten the unrecognizable yet delicious forbidden fruit, how could I go back to the old mainstay garden?


Here's my advice if you're stuck where I was.

If you don’t like it, can you still eat it? No? Then don’t. Oh well. Eat everything else and order an extra side. At least you TRIED. Now try something else!

Why keep your tastebuds a prisoner of fear when your next favorite food is just around the corner waiting to be discovered?! If you can’t get past taking a tiny risk on a new food (or a new take on one you usually hate) how are you going to take the bigger risks other adventures require?

Adventuring is a lifestyle, and it starts with a fork and knife.

If you’re one of the taste-crippled eaters, your chance to turn things around starts later this month. Boston Restaurant Week runs August 19th to the 24th and the 26th to the 31st. You can choose from over 200 participating restaurants in the Boston area and eat at greatly reduced prices. Either go make your reservations at the official website,, or download Fiona Apple's track, “Please Please Please”:

Give me something familiar
Somethin' similar
To what we know already
That will keep us steady
Steady, steady
Steady going nowhere...