Time for an Adventure

The new Adventures in Spontaneity blog is dedicated to helping you live more spontaneously. What does it mean to live a life of "spontaneous adventure"? Generally, it means saying "Yes" to opportunities with risk. Our not-completely-fearless bloggers will keep you up to date with adventure opportunities you can say Yes to. New adventure opportunities will appear here soon- feel free to submit your own via our contact page.


To me, an adventure is a mindset regarding risks for reward. It's willfully going into something that may be uncomfortable or dangerous with the hope of coming out of it a more satisfied individual. It's hiking Mt. Washington. It's family reunions. It's mind; it's body; it's all relative.

-James Cobalt, Editor

adventurer Kim hula

Adventure surfaces when we allow ourselves the opportunity to do the things we otherwise wouldn’t do. It may be shared or solitary but should always leave the adventurer with a feeling of accomplishment, instead of adversity; courage in place of coercion; dreams defeating doldrums... It is a product of our own making that has the brilliant potential to morph into something different every moment of every day... and I can’t get enough.

-Kim Hula, Adventurer

adventurer jenny bergman

Getting lost—on purpose. Engaging in a conversation with a perfect stranger, then asking if you can take their picture. Riding the T without pants on. Getting up on stage and making people laugh at your teenage foibles. Throwing a party in your pajamas. Asking your favorite rock star to scream into a camera. Agreeing to blog for fellow adventurers. Opening your heart up to friendship, love—and pain—knowing that it will give you the courage to be a more whole, more confident person. This is what adventure is to me.

-Jenny Bergman, Adventurer

adventurer salem ghoweri

Adventures are experiences that push the boundaries of our comfort-zone. For me, an adventure is about learning; it's about trying new things. Adventures can be found anywhere; atop mountains, under spotlights, and even in your own home. All it takes is a bit of courage, personal motivation, and an extra pair of underwear.

-Salem Ghoweri, Adventurer