facebook-eventDid you play Adventure on July 3rd? Did you make it to the end? Did you know we have prizes?

If you took photos, add them to your profile here (or elsewhere) and send us a message with your username to let us know. We will judge our favorite photos (this does not mean best quality) and mail the winners prizes. The grand prize is... a SECRET!

Yes, it's a secret, spontaneous adventure!

If you cracked the extra secret code and sent us your username, we will send Interropoints to your account. You will also receive Interropoints for every Interrobang you photographed. You can also get niceties by sharing your experience with a comment below

This is our first time trying this type of game- what are your thoughts? Send us a message or comment below with your suggestions and ideas for next time. We know it was hard. There was little time and lots of difficult puzzles. Only half of the players got through the main puzzles to get to the final game ("phone tag"). To those of you who beat the game, CONGRATS! That's some mighty fast thinking and moving. 

To the out-of-towners that got lost- we're sorry! We'll make it clearer next year, promise! To everyone else, we hope you had a good time, even if you got lost or couldn't decipher all the clues. And if you didn't have a great time, we hope you at least got a nice looking tan :-P