I took off my pants because I was shy

People often ask me how and why I got started in this whole flash mob nonsense... especially people who've known me for a long time. You see, I used to be incredibly shy; almost agoraphobic even. So how is it I ended up hosting dozens upon dozens of public performances, many sans pants? It was kind of an accident. I wasn't planning on it; I was roped into filling in for someone else at a No Pants Subway Ride (in another city) last moment.

Shy-Bald-BoyI agreed because I realized my shyness was out of control and I needed to do something drastic to stop it, and fast. I needed to rip the bandaid off. Well, really, taking off my pants in public wasn't simply ripping off a bandaid; it was more like ripping off 20 feet of duct tape wrapped around my hairy leg.

Ironically, at the same time I was scheduled to lead throngs of people in depantsing I had also already scheduled a date. I didn't change my plans or let my date know; I figured the surprise would weed out anyone too prudish or boring. That's who I was, and I didn't want to be that. If I wanted to date myself I'd get a big mirror and a faster internet connection

I mean, I wasn't even comfortable wearing shorts, let alone a bathing suit. Now I'm going to take off my pants in the city (in winter) in front of strangers... and my 'way-too-hot-for-me' date??? And organize a giant crowd of pantless people??? I'm a shy introvert! Yet, it worked. I was terrified, and a bit chilly, but nothing bad happened. 

That's what I've learned from doing these; I have nothing to be afraid of. Even if something bad did happen, the worst case scenario is not as bad as being a prisoner to social anxiety. The best case scenarios have led to life-changing friendships.

My actions were drastic but they also opened up a lot of doors for me both personally and professionally. Yes - professionally. I wouldn't be where I am in my career had I not made that initial leap. It made me realize how much I was getting in my own way, which allowed me to then get the hell out of it. Maybe if I had seen this article from Anna North, I wouldn't have had to resort to such extremes. If you're as shy as I was, your next "adventure" might be as simple as a party, business function, or night club. Check out the tips on properly tackling stranger-interaction with the article, How To Deal With Shyness.

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P.S. The date went really well!