Black Tie Beach 2013



Black Tie Beach (along with the No Pants Subway Ride) was started 4 years ago by NYC based arts group, Improv Everywhere. For the second year in a row, join BostonSOS at America's oldest public beach donning your best. If you're bringing a boombox, be sure to play something classy. Get all the details here and RSVP & share via Facebook.


You can join us downtown for a classy train ride on the Blue Line out to the Revere Beach stop (meet outside Government Center at 12:30pm), or you can simply join us at the beach on your own at 1pm. As the only beach goers in evening attire, we should be pretty easy to find. If you have floaties, sand castle equipment, frisbees, or other beach accessories, you are of course obligated to bring them. :-)

Check out these great photos from last year's Black Tie Beach in Revere.

Here's the gameplan straight from Improv Everywhere:


We are going to spend a day at the beach wearing black tie attire. Everything else about our day at the beach will be normal. Please bring what you would normally bring to the beach (towel, beach bag, sandcastle building tools, Frisbee, kite, etc.) The only unusual thing is that we will be doing all of this in black tie, while acting like it is perfectly normal dress for the beach. Plan on swimming in the ocean in your attire (you should try to find cheap/used clothes.)

It is OK if your clothes are stained, damaged, or ill-fitting. Just find the best you can find, but please no jokey outfits. We recommend wearing a bathing suit underneath your outfit rather than underwear. Bring a change of clothes for the subway ride home.

You must be wearing black tie attire to attend this mission. No spectators or camera folks. This is about participation.

If anyone asks you why you’re wearing formal wear, reply that you just "felt like dressing up" or "enjoy dressing up at the beach." Claim that you do not know anyone other than the few people you might be with. Never say it is a prank, stunt, flash mob, or Improv Everywhere event. Keep a straight face!


Black tie. For men this means a black or white tuxedo. No other colors. For women this means a long evening gown of any color. No wedding dresses (we don’t want to look like we are a wedding party taking photos.) Men may wear a black suit with a white shirt if they absolutely can’t find a tux.


Bring as many normal beach accessories as you like, see sample list above. Bring sunscreen. Bring a change of clothes. Bring friends if you like, but be sure to share these instructions with them.