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     Connecting with Facebook allows bidirectional communication between your SOS and Facebook accounts. This gives you one-click logins and access to some cool features. You can disconnect them later by canceling your SOS account.

We do NOT see your private Facebook information and we do NOT sell our members' data to anyone.
Facebook requires you to agree to all of the Authorization screens in order to connect through their service: 

Allow BostonSOS to access my News Feed and Wall.

Agreeing to this screen means Facebook will allow the SOS website software to show some of your news-feed and wall items to you on the SOS site.

Allow BostonSOS to publish posts or comments without prompting me.
Allow BostonSOS to update my status. 

Agreeing to these two screens means some of the things you do on this website will be reflected on your Facebook profile. You won't get a popup window or an email requesting authorization every time you do something; it'll be automatic (that's the "without prompting me" part). For example, when you post a status update here, it'll also show on Facebook as a status update. Also, when you sign up for an event, it may post a notification to your newsfeed saying something like "[your name] has registered for the [event name] at SOScities.org". Per our agreement with Facebook, our software will not spam your account or your friends'. These features are almost exclusively for syncing your SOS status updates with your Facebook status updates and wall. We will never post something to your profile pretending to be you. WE DO NOT SPAM!

Allow Constant Authorization

Proceeding through this screen means you won't have to proceed through these Authorization screens again. Next time you sign-in through Facebook it'll be instant.

BostonSOS requires your email address

This will import your email address from your Facebook account into your SOS account. Your email address will be used to offer troubleshooting help when you need it, send reminders (and the secret locations) of events you've registered for, and to get occassional updates (typically once or twice a month) about what's going on at SOS- like newly opened event registrations and new videos.


That's it! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to Contact Us.
Of course, you can alternatively use the website without Facebook at all; Just use the regular login or registration pages instead.