Dance Walking Fitness


This past summer, a strange craze swept cities around the world, all started by a strange video with dancing on YouTube. OK, TWO strange crazes if you count Gangnam Style, but I'm specifically referring to Dance Walking Fitness.

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No Pants Boston 2012

salemtweetednopantsThanks for another great No Pants Subway Ride! At least 270 people filled a total of 4 trains with bare legs and dead pan excuses. FOUR TRAINS. We're gonna need waaaay more volunteers next year!

Please share your experience with us! Comment below or at We heard a number of funny reactions from many of you over drinks at Kings. Send them in! We'll include a number of them in the official recap.

Looking for photos? Check tomorrow for pictures. Also check The Metro. There are rumors the Herald and Phoenix may have something on Monday as well.

Our professional photographer took a ton of photos and will be posting them online soon; we'll send an email to subscribers when they are up. If you took any photos, please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If your photos are too large for sending via email, consider zipping them up and sending them via a file sending service like or Of course, you can also upload them to Flickr and send us the link.

BTW, the BostonSOS board is about to vote in new members. If you're a dedicated, hardworking individual who can commit to helping us organize off-beat and creative events, please fill out this form. Board terms are 6 and 12 months and are non-paid (but you get the glory! THE GLORY!)

Thanks everyone! See you next time!
James Cobalt


First Class for the Common Folk

You may have read several days ago that we transformed the Red Line into a First Class Train.  We hopped on the Red Line -- dressed to the nines -- at Alewife, handed out snacks, cleaned the cars, and generally brought some good humor to a handful of lucky passengers.  That was our original plan, anyway.  This is the second part of that story. 

bannerSee, we had soon arrived at JFK/UMass, where we'd been planning on exiting and boarding a northbound train to continue our experiment.  Alas, it was not to be... apparently officials had gotten wind of our shenanigans, and -- pursuant to the MBTA's apparent policy of making people's rides as unpleasant as possible -- asked us to leave, rendering the train decidedly more coach class.

The good news is that we are persistent, and creative. So after a brief meeting, it was decided to take our extravagance out of the subway and into a more public space...the Boston Common.

What we weren't prepared to find was that it -- being the first real nice day of spring -- was the perfect day to find throngs of people sprawled out on the grassy expanse.

So, with missing hardly a beat, we descended upon the park green with our typical flair, much to the delight of the patrons who seemed pleased to realize they were in the newly-appointed First Class section.

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