Protesting/Protesting (April Fools 2008)

RECAP: On Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 nearly 20 improveratti showed up at 5:15pm in Harvard Square under the threat of rain with homemade signs and the opinion people should keep their opinions to themselves. In our April Fool's performance we would be portraying the radical members of a fake political action committee called Citizens Against Protests, Rallies, & Expression; That's C.A.P.E.R. for short. Get it?! Caper!

protest shirt

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South Station Dominoes

On 3/29/08 at 4:45pm (we also did this 1 year later with 100 members- pictures from both are included below) nearly 50 improveratti showed up with suitcases at a green near South Station- a green we lovingly refer to as Cigarette Grass Park due to the number of cigarette butts overtaking the number of blades of grass.

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Riding the T is a Beach

Sunday March 16th 2008 was a blisteringly hot 39 degrees Fahrenheit when around 25 brave improveratti showed up in shorts and beach gear (many had changed back into normal clothes by the time the following group photo was taken) at Long Wharf for further instructions. Some had on sun glasses to help supplement the heavy clouds blocking the cruel winter sun. One member even wore an inner tube type floaty toy around her waste should she find any refreshing water to dip in to that wasn't frozen over.


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