Dance Walking Fitness


This past summer, a strange craze swept cities around the world, all started by a strange video with dancing on YouTube. OK, TWO strange crazes if you count Gangnam Style, but I'm specifically referring to Dance Walking Fitness.


It all started in April, when NYC-based LXTV reporter, Ben Aaron became distracted from his segment by a man dancing down the sidewalk, lost in the music from his headphones. To see the genius that followed, watch the original video here: 



Clearly we needed to start our own Dance Walking Fitness group, so on Saturday, June 9th at 10:00am about 20 of us met a couple blocks from the Boston Public Garden with MP3 Players at the ready.

After a quick stretching session, we pressed play on our respective audio devices and started the route. Each person listening to their own style of music and doing their own style of dancing. Each person lost in the moment.

The winding path provided 40 minutes of sweat, flowers, and smiles.  It was quite the workout, but a ton of fun. Even passersby seemed to get a kick out of it.

 At the end of the route, people weren't quite ready to give up dancing, so we hung around the fountain and got a few more tracks in.


Other people in the park started taking photos. A tourist was able to snap one of us dancing with her 'traveling photo-bear'.


 All in all, great fun. We met again in September and again the night of October 27th -- in Halloween costumes and with strobe lights! The most amazing thing about our Halloween romp was that a number of passersby (especially children) already in costume spontaneously joined in- with or without headphones.

As far as what the future holds for Dance Walking Fitness, we'll most definitely meet again after the thaw. As far as the identity of the stranger who inspired this unusual fitness craze- he's been unmasked! Check it out in Ben Aaron's followup segment below. If you need more reason to smile, take a peek at the ridiculous photos from our first and second dance walk sessions.