Frozen Food at Quincy Market

It was pretty cold in Boston February 23rd, 2008. Freezing even, when 60-70 people met near the bandstand at Government Center.

The original plan was intended for a group of about 25 or so, but having more than doubled in size it was replaced with the backup contingency plan for just such a (fantastic) situation. With such a large group we kept the instructions simple and to the point:

Set your cell to silent (vibrate) alarm at 1:45pm. Set one more alarm for 1:50pm. Head to historic Quincy Market in the most touristy part of Boston for some eats. When the first alarm goes off freeze in place in whatever position you are in. When the second alarm goes off continue doing whatever it was you were doing before the freeze, then leave discreetly. We weren't alone in this either- similar groups in 10 other cities were carrying out similar freeze stunts on the same day and we were more than happy to join them.

We kept the event in the west half of this glorified food court- which was about to become a "frozen food" court. At 1:45 on the dot all 50+ Improveratti froze in unison. It didn't take long for people to notice! Some Improveratti froze reading the travel flyers that were being passed out at the entrance, some were frozen eating or sipping from their drinks, some were mid stride, someone taking off their jacket... people were creative with their poses but did nothing out of the ordinary that said "hey look at me- I'm striking a pose". Everyone did a great job of staying in character, which was increasingly difficult as the time slowly ticked on.

There were voices of excitement all around as people went from one frozen participant to the next. "Look at this one- oh look as these two!" people exclaimed getting right up in our faces to inspect our dedication to the freeze. A couple bystanders were unimpressed; "Is this some kind of protest?"; "Are they getting paid to do this? You couldn't PAY me to do this..." and a couple were freaked out- quite simply stating "This is freaking me out!".

Many people started taking photographs and some wanted their pictures taken posing next to the frozen people- seemingly not realizing everyone is going to look frozen in the photographs anyway! Still, somewhere out there floating around in many strangers' vacation photo albums will be a collection of non-remarkable photographs of BSOS Improveratti sipping sodas and taking off jackets behind enthusiastically smiling vacationers.

At 1:50 on the dot everyone followed through with their previously frozen action then casually left the building. All in all a very successful event with a lot of first timers who weren't afraid to make a spectacle of themselves. Great job everyone! We'll be getting a video together over the next week and we'll be posting it on our main site! Please share your experiences and comments below as well as links to any media you have uploaded!