No Pants 2011



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Ten years ago in NYC, a small group of improv artists nonchalantly road the subway sans-pants, seemingly unaware of their leg liberation. After chronicling the prank online, word spread, interest grew, and the annual stunt became an annual celebraton in cities around the world. In 2011, nearly 50 cities participated in the Improv Everywhere inspired event.

This was Boston's 4th annual ride, and arguably the most successful to date. The route this year was planned to, for the first time, bring pantlessness to all 4 subway lines of of the transit system; as we all know, the Silver "Line" doesn't count! (WHY do they insist on putting it on the subway map? It just confuses the tourists!)

At 2pm on Sunday, January 9th, nearly 250 people met at Alewife Station where they were each given a route map such as the one to the left. We departed around 2:30pm on multiple trains, depantsing in waves along the route. Once downtown, we planned to travel in a loop by hitting the Orange Line and Blue Line before taking the Green Line to Hynes. 

tweetc Welltrythissmaller_normalctinalk Feels odd to worry about which pants to wear when they'll just be coming off... #nopantsboston



(Above & below: The pantlessness begins on the Red Line.)


Participants were instructed to come up with their own excuse for why they weren't wearing pants. Some people claimed to have forgotten them in their rush to get somewhere. Some claimed they were too hot or itchy. Others said they saw everyone else doing it and didn't want to be left out.




Charles/MGH is the most difficult stop; above ground with strong gusts of wind from above the icy river. Still, dozens of souls braved goosebumps for 10 minutes in between trains.




(Above: "You look confused... let me help you.")

tweetc thejessbeastthejessbeast #nopantsboston Bifurcated garments only restrict my soul.




(Above: This is a dog... wearing pants. The owner is also wearing pants. It was not part of No Pants. Someone actually put pants on a dog. PANTS. ON. A. DOG. And people say WE'RE strange.)



While we had planned to ride the blue line to Government Center, when we got to the transfer station we discovered it taped off; it was CLOSED! The MBTA ran shuttle busses between State and Government Center, which meant entire busses filled with pantless riders.


It turned out to be a blessing in disguise- many teams decided to walk (or run) the 3 to 5 minutes from Park to Government Center. The dropped jaws and bemusement of people on the streets made braving the 28 degree temperatures and city-funneled wind all worth it.


In fact, it was so much fun, a number of people suggested we make the outdoor walk part of the annual event!




Some of us got distracted on the way...



(Below: Bostonians really, REALLY like Trader Joes)


Once on the Green Line we made a "B Line" (two drums and a cymbal, please) for Hynes. While those under 21 disembarked to shop for pants at the Pru (without wearing pants, of course), the over-21 crowd made the short walk to McGreevy's, an Irish pub that promised free shots for the pantless.





(Below: No pants + alcohol = 1 crazy party)



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