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The Red Line, Closely

A few days ago, I posted about the various artworks found on Boston's subway system. Some of them are hidden or hard-to-spot, while others are in plain view. Today, I take you on a close-up tour of the Red Line, and invite you to try your hand at identifying the art installations with the photos at which they are found.


Here's how it'll work: below are 24 photos of 24 different art works. Some of them are relatively wide-view, but several are pretty close up. I tried to find interesting angles and specific details that aren't necessarily apparent right off the bat, so look closely!

If you can guess any (or all!) of the stations represented here, e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For every one you get right, we'll award you some Interropoints [editor's note: program now closed]. The person(s) who get the most correct will receive a whole big lump of extra points as well.

Please note:

  • You don't have to be a registered user to play...you can still send me your guesses for the chance to win copious amounts of e-praise and/or a hundred million dollars (haven't decided which yet). Either way, totally worth the increased notion of self worth....
  • Some stations are represented more than once! (Apparently artists like some stops more than others?)
  • None of the stations are on the Ashmont/Mattapan branch (ie. between Savin Hill and Mattapan on the map at left). No, I'm not being Ashmontist, I legitimately couldn't find much on that portion of the line. If I'm missing something there, please let me know!
  • Remember, some installations are outside the stations.

Answers will be posted sometime during the week of February 7th-11th, as will the larger pictures in their specific contexts. Ready? And......go!

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Snow Art in Somerville

It's winter, it's cold, it's nasty, and our chalk is stowed safely away for the drier months and cleaner pavement. And with it, we ourselves are resting woefully inside, twiddling our thumbs listlessly. Right?

Wrong! We're ready to go out and create! We've learned of an excitingly awesome outdoor adventure taking place in Somerville's Union Square, this Saturday, January 15th., produced by the Artisan's Asylum:

Artisan's Asylum, in coordination with the Somerville Art Council's ArtsUnion Winter Series, is happy to announce that this Saturday will be a day of hilarious public snow art. The city will be providing a giant pile of snow (courtesy of the snow storm on Wednesday) and a bunch of shovels, and Cantina La Mexicana will be providing Mexican h...ot chocolate! All we have to do is make big displays of public art around the square. No problem, right?

Grab your gloves and jackets and come help us build snow forts, scenes from Calvin & Hobbes, elaborate snow sculpture and anything else you can imagine! Even if you don't have an idea for an art piece, come by anyway and help us lug massive amounts of snow around the square. If you want to bring stuff, bring shovels, trowels, buckets, and any other snow-shaping tools you can imagine.

1-4pm.  It's free and open to all ages!

To get there by MBTA bus: 85 from Kendall; 86 from Sullivan, Harvard or Cleveland Circle; 87 from Lechmere; 91 from Central; or the CT2.

For more information and to RSVP (not necessary, but it never hurts), check out the facebook event page.

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Marching Brass Bands invade Boston!

Honk FestThe weekend of October 8, 2010 will see the Boston area overrun with marching brass bands. They’ll come from Chicago. They’ll come from Texas. They’ll come from New York, from Seattle, and from Somerville too. They’ll come for the Fifth Annual Honk Fest.

Honk is a weekend-long celebration. For five years now, it’s offered up merry marching brass bands in various venues, and for free on the streets. There will be drum majors. There will be tubas, twirling batons, and trombones. And all this noise and strangeness will culminate in one loud, long parade on Sunday from Davis Square to Harvard Square. If previous Honks are anything to go on, the Honkers will then take over parts of Harvard Square for a few hours of noise. 


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PARKing Day in Brookline

Everybody get your park on...

Park(ing) DayOn Friday, September 17, four parking spaces on Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner will be transformed into mini-parks as part of an international effort which hopes to "transform metered parking spots into temporary parks for the public good."  Sponsored by several organizations within Brookline, this is a free, public event, so all are invited to participate in games, laze about on the grass, or even relax "in a beach chair and dangle their toes in the water" (all in a parking space?  Awesome!).

The concept of transforming an existing space into something unexpected and unconventional might seem familiar to BSOS veterans, for the very same theme undercuts so many of our past spectacles, such as Riding the Subway is a Beach, where we brought the unexpected sight of beachbound vacationers to the cold, March underbelly of Boston.  With Park(ing) Day, the goal is to invite passersby to re-imagine the allocation of our public spaces.  And, of course, to enjoy a day in the literal park!

Wanna go?  Send us a photo of yourself lounging in one of the "parks," send it to us, and earn points on your BSOS account!

For more information on Park(ing) Day in Brookline, check it out at Brookline Perspective.

Getting there:
Parking spaces will be located on Harvard St. near Green St. (near the Coolidge Corner Theatre)
  -Via Public Transportation*: Green Line, C branch to Coolidge Corner, or 66 bus from Harvard, Allston or Dudley. 

*because wouldn't it be sadly ironic if you drove?

Guerrilla Chalking in Allston

No Place Like Allston

Allston, Massachusetts, September 1st. Perhaps the craziest day of the year in a neighborhood filled with the most transient population. Translation: Moving Day. Which means U-Hauls blocking driveways, endless piles of discarded furniture, free stuff for the taking all around, and of course a fresh, captive audience for some fun chalked messages.

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The Mystery Jar

Chalking on the Boston Common

Pursuant to our eternal quest to seek new methods of creative expression, we recently decided to try a new approach for passersby to use as they help us cover the pavement with color.  Instead of just giving them a stick of chalk and letting them run free with ideas, we filled a jar with little pieces of paper, each of which had a short pre-written prompt which they could use as inspiration.

We avoided simplicity and straightforwardness in our prompts, opting instead to leave ample room for interpretation and creativity.  So, for example, rather than writing simply "a purple monkey," we might re-phrase it to something like "a simian enraged by his frustrating evening commute."

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Urban Canvas at the Figment Festival


Cambridge's FIGMENT festival, held on Memorial Drive next to the Charles River, celebrated its first year by hosting several area artists in an interactive, commercial-free environment.  Urban Canvas was invited to bring our chalk and decorate the (temporarily car-free) roadway.

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A Chalking Easter "Egg" Hunt


Late into the Saturday night before Easter, a team of our artists descended upon the streets of Boston to create a sort of "virtual" Easter Egg hunt.  Instead of actual eggs, we used our favorite tool - colorful chalk - to draw the pastel ovoids on the sidewalk...

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