Bricks + Pixel Art = Brixel Art!


This past weekend, Urban Canvas ninjas NB and Em took advantage of the warm weather and descended upon the Parkman Bandstand at Boston Common.  With chalk in hand and a desire to color the area sidewalks, we soon found inspiration in the repetitive pattern of the brickwork around the pavilion.  What we created turned into a pixel artwork of sorts... using the bricks (pixels+bricks= 'brixels,' natch), we began creating a few arcade-style ghosts... and before we knew it, we were creating a larger-than-life Pacman game!

The bricks' alternating pattern served as a challenge at first, but we adapted, and the positive reception from those watching us was superbly encouraging... now we're thinking that maybe we should create a huge, Common-encompassing Pacman game!  Stay tuned, it might happen!  Some images from the day:


PacMan himself (so big, we were running out of yellow chalk!)



Pinky?  Blinky?  Clyde?!  We can't tell them apart...



The orange ghost... yeah... the bricks don't really line up...



It's supposed to be that cherry reward that dances around the PacMan board.  We're gonna need more pixels!  (brixels?)



PacMan is hungry!



I feel like I've never told you the story of the ghost...



 Ghosts, pellets, and cherries.



These children helped color in the line of pellets.



Emily continues the line of pellets.

Interested in helping cover the Common with a mega-sized PacMan game?  Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We're gonna need a lot of help with this one. 

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