Chalking at Figment this weekend


Urban Canvas @ Figment THIS WEEKEND

We'll be at Figment this Saturday and Sunday and we'd love for you to come hang with us. Urban Canvas, our street art group, will be chalking up the sidewalks and we could really use some help. Even though being sanctioned means the thrill from possibly being arrested is gone, it's still chalktastic. I said chalktastic. That's how you know we are hardcore. Join our chalk gang! All the cool kids will be doing it.  

If you've never worked with us before, know that you don't need to be an artiste to help out... let alone have any artistic talent (which is all in the eye of the beholder anyway). It's all about using chalk as a unique tool to engage passersby in creative ways and just have a good time. Find us in

Dewey Square
11am to 5pm
7/27 & 7/28