A Chalking Easter "Egg" Hunt


Late into the Saturday night before Easter, a team of our artists descended upon the streets of Boston to create a sort of "virtual" Easter Egg hunt.  Instead of actual eggs, we used our favorite tool - colorful chalk - to draw the pastel ovoids on the sidewalk...


uc_drawingThe next morning, and all throughout the day, Boston SOSers were invited to roam the streets with a keen eye on the lookout for the eggs (some of which were quite cleverly hidden) and keep track of the unique numbers next to each one.

After having "collected" as many eggs as possible, participants with an SOS account were then able to contact us with the corresponding three-digit numbers and earn points based on how many were found.

The eggs were hidden in two specific Boston locations: along the beautiful Rose Kennedy Greenway, and outside Fenway Park (Easter just happened to fall on opening day for the Red Sox, and we just had to pay tribute!).


Some of the eggs at Fenway:

In front of the famous Ted Williams statue.

An egg in front of the Ted Williams statue


Two sure signs of Spring in Boston: Easter Eggs and Sox Legends.

On the South side of Fenway


Some eggs were three dimensional!

An egg crawling up a wall


This egg got impaled by a street post.

An egg with a sign in the middle


Some of the eggs along the Greenway:

This egg don't run...unless someone turns the fountain on!

An egg in a fountain


Not all the eggs were on the sidewalk. Can you find the egg in this photo?

Egg on a wall


Along the Greenway.  Sometimes the surface inspires design.

The surface inspires design.


We were afraid this robot-looking thing might be some sort of fountain, too.  Water and chalk don't mix..and we got lucky.

An egg next to another fountain


All in all, we had a great time, enjoyed beautiful weather, and got a chance to share some colorful happiness with participants and passersby alike. 

In the meantime, we're whipping up some other fun events for the summer...warm weather begets urban creativity!  Stay tuned...