Sunset Chalking


The setting sun offers a pallet unlike one typically found during the day...the reddish hue almost gives another dimension to the bright colors of the chalk.

So on this beautiful day, we decided to wait until the sun started creeping behind the cityscape to begin drawing, which really gave us a chance to play with the different colors as well as the shadows cast by various objects.

Some of the (few) photos we took:


One of our favorite fork-in-the-road questions; guess which path most people took?

Love or Money?

Traced shadows become really tall at sunset.

Sunset shadow art

Some of the passersby who stopped to help draw.

Passersby stopped to draw

Random amalgamation.

A random amalgamation of colored animals

Yes, people did actually stop to Pop and Lock.

Op and Lock here!

Another view of the amalgamation.

Colorful amalgamation