Marching Brass Bands invade Boston!

Honk FestThe weekend of October 8, 2010 will see the Boston area overrun with marching brass bands. They’ll come from Chicago. They’ll come from Texas. They’ll come from New York, from Seattle, and from Somerville too. They’ll come for the Fifth Annual Honk Fest.

Honk is a weekend-long celebration. For five years now, it’s offered up merry marching brass bands in various venues, and for free on the streets. There will be drum majors. There will be tubas, twirling batons, and trombones. And all this noise and strangeness will culminate in one loud, long parade on Sunday from Davis Square to Harvard Square. If previous Honks are anything to go on, the Honkers will then take over parts of Harvard Square for a few hours of noise. 


The first Honk took place in Davis Square in 2006. It was organized by Somerville’s own Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band, when they realized there were other brass bands around the country also interested in making public space more joyful—while promoting social causes at the same time. (Second Line began as an off-shoot of Bread and Puppet.) 

Since then, the festival has grown and grown. This year, over 30 bands from across the country will bring the noise. And unlike the previous Honks, this year’s festival will spread to different parts of town—including East Somerville, East Boston, Cambridge, and Boston. But wait—that’s not all. Since 2006, Honk has since spread to other states as well; following this year’s Honk, many of the bands will travel down to Providence for the relatively new Pronk Festival.

With any luck, from there they’ll take over the world.

[Editor's note: If you are heading to Pronk this weekend, don't forget to swing by for another musical event: MP3-EXP from BostonSOS]