Urban Canvas at the Figment Festival


Cambridge's FIGMENT festival, held on Memorial Drive next to the Charles River, celebrated its first year by hosting several area artists in an interactive, commercial-free environment.  Urban Canvas was invited to bring our chalk and decorate the (temporarily car-free) roadway.

  The weather was gorgeous, the festival hosts were gracious, and the streets became colorful thanks to the participation of so many creative passersby.


This event was also special to us because it allowed us to debut a few of our experimental interactive projects...stay tuned for more information and photos on those.  In the meantime, check out some photos of the day's wonderful creations:

Memorial Drive in chalk.


Folks of all ages joined in the creation.

Chalking by the side of the road.


How often does one get to draw on one of Greater Boston's busiest roadways?

Drawing on a busy roadway (no traffic).


A plethora of organic shapes.

Organic shapes in chalk.


We managed to cover a pretty big swath of the road.

Chalk on Memorial Drive.


Taking a break from pirouettes to add her own creation.

Ballet dancer chalks on the street.


Yeah. We just couldn't resist.

Shallow water: no diving..