Art on the T

Edit Jan. 28: The photos are up! Try to identify the artwork and the stations here!

park_handWhile waiting for a train at Park Street recently, my eye was drawn to something that had never before caught my attention: a metal sculpture of a pointing hand, suspended on the concrete above the far end of the track (right). The fact that it had escaped my attention lo these countless times I had been there got me thinking: what other urban art installations are peppered throughout the subway? How many do I pass on a daily basis, without even noticing?

So I took a little journey down the Red Line in search of other art installations; some of the larger ones at my regular stations were more obvious, but I also kept my eye out for the hidden ones, or the ones that are more innocuous. Turns out art on the T is more prevalent than you might think.


Installations can be found both outside stations in their adjacent plazas in the form of statues and sculptures (left), or within the stations themselves, such as the various ceramic tiles that adorn the walls and pillars of the platforms (below right). Sometimes you'll need to look up at the ceiling or down at the floor beneath you to find them; other artworks stand out right in front of your face.

v02As we battle the elements of winter and wait for brighter days to once again break out the chalk and decorate the streets of Boston, it might be a fun project to take on yourself: next time you're traveling through the city's tunnels, be sure to keep your eye out for the various art installations throughout the subway.

To help you on your quest to familiarize yourself with the artsy side of the MBTA, we'll be posting more photos in the next few days; a kind of scavenger hunt of various artworks throughout the subway. Rumor has it that there will be prizes involved, so stay tuned...

Edit Jan. 28: The photos are up! Try to identify the artwork and the stations here!