No Pants: Jan 13th 2013 Instructions


You can RSVP on this site under the Events tab. Please mark yourself as attending to ensure you receive all communications regarding the event.

Legality & Safety

This is NOT illegal. Regular underwear does not constitute indecent exposure. This event is taking place in cities all over the world and has been for years, even in Boston. There may be a minor MBTA police presence there, as there has been every year. The MBTA and MBTA-Police have been supportive of this annual "happening". The police are there in part for your protection.

If a stranger harasses you (unlikely as the ride is choreographed so that you are always with a group), do not hesitate to notify an officer immediately and move (with your assigned buddy) to another train car. Stay with your group; riding around town in your underwear by yourself (especially if you're female) isn't the safest thing to do.

That said, if you expose "certain parts" of your body (even removing your shirt), or wear a thong, or something somewhat see-through... the police won't be on your side anymore and neither will we. Have fun, but be safe and respectful. If you want to wear something naughty... wait till you get back home.


Proper Attire

Dress warmly! If you hadn't noticed, it's now winter. Wear everything you normally would (including pants), as you wont be taking off your pants till you're on the train. Ensure your shoes are easy to slip off and on so you have time to de-pants and re-shoe between stops. Bring a bag/backpack/briefcase/tophat/etc to store your pants in during the ride. We ask that you wear two (or even 3) pairs of underwear. This is for two important reasons:

  1. Prevent "wardobe malfunctions" that could land you in jail.
  2. It's FRICKIN COLD! It will make a huge difference. Your calves can handle the cold a whole lot better than your other bits. Not all the stations are heated, and it will average 11 minutes between trains.

Upon Arrival


We will be meeting in Dewey Square (in front of South Station) on 1/13 starting at 1:13pm. We will not begin team-assignment till 1:13pm, so no need to arrive early. Arrive no later than 2pm. When you arrive, look for people holding umbrellas- you can find them at the location marked on this map. Register with one of them to be assigned to you team, car, route, and stop. The earlier you arrive the earlier the train you will be assigned to.

Tweeting? The global hashtag for the international No Pants Subway Ride is #NPSR. To differeniate your tweets from the masses, type "#NPSR Boston".

On FourSquare? You can follow us here and check into the event here (this does not replace registering to get assigned to a team).

During the Ride

Your group will go to the assigned train car at the assigned time. Each of you will have a piece of paper with your assigned route and assigned stop. Shorly before arriving at your assigned stop (immediately after leaving the stop before your assigned stop) you will remove your pants and store your pants. You must act completely normal. You will then exit the train at your assigned stop and wait on the platform in the same spot you exited.

When the next train arrives, board and continue to act normal. If anyone asks why you don't have pants, try to come up with a semi-believable excuse, but DON'T TELL THEM IT'S AN EVENT. Even if the press wants to ask you questions, remain in character. Don't worry about getting photos- we'll have lots of photographers to capture it all.

Continue on the assigned route, which will also involve walking outside in between downtown stations. You will eventually end up on the Green Line and will take that to Prudential. Exit at Prudential for the super short walk to Kings Back Bay.

Sans-Pants After-Party at Kings

After the ride we are meeting at Kings Back Bay for bowling, billiards, booze, and the Pats game. If you're under 21, you may be permitted entry until 6pm provided you are with a guardian. A guardian is someone over 21 who vouches for you, and who gets kicked out with you if you try to purchase alcohol, share a drink with someone, or sneak a drink in. Kings' staff keeps a very watchful eye out for this kind of behavior- your party will definitely be doing an 'escorted walk of shame' towards the exit if you attempt this.

Many of you will no doubt have backpacks for storing your pants in. Backpacks are normally not permitted, but will be for the after-party only if they are for your pants. Keep in mind that Kings reserves the right to search any and all bags. Kings does have a dress code. Normally, this dress code includes proper attire, but they are obviously laxing the pants-requirement until 7pm. However, please do not wear work style boots, giant t-shirts, large chains, or  bandanas/doo-rags.

BTW, anyone without pants can ask for a pantless discount on pizza and nachos.